Best Ethnic Footwear for Women who like to pair Trends with Tradition

The majestic thing about Indian footwear is its versatility. Whether you want to sport a Traditional look or a Western ensemble or Indo-Western attire or be it a rugged Tomboyish look an Ethnic Footwear can Jazz Up the look in an instant.

Every individual has their own definition of Fashion that is an amalgamation of their style, personality, comfort, choice, lifestyle, and their Ethnicity. Our Fashion and culture often derive inspiration from the western parts and thus sticking to one’s root once in a while become important. Adding a touch of Ethnicity to an ensemble through a good pair of Ethnic Footwear could be the simplest way of achieving it.

Best Ethnic Footwear available for Women

With the rise of Boho-chic, traditional designs are catching fancy across the globe. As a result, a wide variety and style of Ethnic footwear options are now available easily.

An awe-inspiring range traditional Indian designs of Kolhapuri ChappalsPunjabi JuttisRajasthani JuttisMojarisNagras, along with traditionally inspired styles and patterns are available both online and offline. From high heels to flats, from flip-flops to thong straps, from phulkari to stonework, from zari to thread embroidery has flooded Indian as well as global markets.

Kolhapuri Chappals 

You can’t go wrong with a design that has retained its original shape and style for almost 100 years. You can either go for the traditional design and tan color or a contemporary version with metallic stripes, rhinestones, pom poms etc.

Commonly denoted as a footwear for the intellectuals, Kolhapuri Chappals goes best with Kurta – Denim, Skirts, Dresses (with a slight heel), and of course suits. Pair them with some simple glasses for a full-on intellectual vibe.

Some of my favorites Kolhapuri Chappal Styles –

All the styles are available on, click on the picture for direct link.

Ethnic Footwear

Traditional Kohlapuri Design with Tan and Gold

Ethnic Footwear

Kohlapuri Silver Flats with Bells (Ghungro)


Ethnic Footwear

Kohlapuri flats with Lotus Design

Ethnic Footwear

Blush Pink Kohlapuri

Ethnic Footwear

Kohlapuri Flats with Pom-Pom

Ethnic Footwear

Ice Blue Kohlapuri Flats

Ethnic Footwear

Nude Kolhapuri Wedges

Juttis & Mojris

The traditional Indian slip-on was earlier made in leather and adorned by higher ranking people. Now, it comes with plenty of options to suit everyone. The style and design of Jutti vary with region and thus it has many names like Punjabi Jutti, Rajasthani Jutti, Mojri, Khussa (Pakistani counterpart).

The variations are endless from singular to multi-color, from simple to intricate embroidery, from phulkari to zari work, from pom- pom to multicolor beads. It can be paired with any Indo western or Indian outfit. Whether an Anarkali or a straight cut Kurta, Juttis are a great accessory for them.

In fact, one latest trend is wearing a custom-made Jutti under your Lengha, especially for the haldi and mehndi functions. The hand painted/made jutti’s blend an apt amount of funk with traditional that the modern age bride is looking for.

Some of my favorites pick for Juttis and Mojris –

All the styles are available on, click on the picture for direct link.

Ethnic Footwear

Leather Jutti

Ethnic Footwear

Mustard Print Juttis

Ethnic Footwear

Aztec Print Jutti with Pom Pom

Ethnic Footwear

Pink Dori Work Ethnic Jutti

Ethnic Footwear

Auto Print Backless Jutti

Ethnic Footwear

Funky Jutti


The only drawback of a Jutti is that it doesn’t come with heels and thus can’t be paired with certain outfits.


Other than these style of shoes you can opt for footwear that is inspired by them. A simple example would be the bridal shoes or the embroidered flat thongs.

There are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate ethnicity to your Indian or western outfits through an ethnic shoe. Whatever is your style Boho, chic, minimalistic, classic, artsy or any other, the perfect ethnic shoe for you is on Jivaana.

Just trust your instincts and experiment. Do feel free to approach us for any queries and our team of experts will happily serve you.

Special Tip – Wriggle room

If you are buying a Jutti make sure to give your toes some wriggle space as it will leave room in case of swelling when worn for long hours.

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