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Being a girl, taking care of all your body parts is vital. As an occupational hazard, I need to keep wearing heels for a number of events and shoots. Keeping good care of my feet is really important, otherwise, it starts to look ugly.

Since I had heard a lot about the Himalaya Foot care cream, I decided to give it a try.

Himalaya Foot Care Cream Review

I heard a lot about the Himalaya Foot Care Cream from my aunt but haven’t tried it before. But now that I am having dry and chapped heels, I started applying this daily, after the bath and in the night, just before going to sleep.

Thise cream actually gave me a pretty effective relief to my cracked heels and rough feet.

On an average, we take about 7000-8000 steps every day. Imagine the pressure being exerted on the feet on a daily basis. A lot of moisture is lost through our feet making it quite dry and damaged.

Even though they go through so much, yet they remain the most neglected part of one’s body, and the same happened to me. Over time, the cracks on my feet got huge, and according to me, beyond repair.


Not only did the Himalaya Foot care cream protect my feet from microbial infections, but also kept it extremely moisturized and hydrated throughout the day.  The nongreasy formula took care of my sweat problem as well, making it one of the most popular purchases in terms of foot cream.


Product Claims

  • Soft and supple feet in one week, moisturizes and soothes feet.
  • Effective relief from dry, cracked heels and rough feet. Deep moisture for soft and smooth feet.

Recommended For –


Dry, rough and cracked feet.

 Product Ingredients, Packaging, and Price –

  • Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Sal Tree extract
  • Ginger
  • Fenugreek

Talking about the ingredients as well as the packaging, this has antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This amazing product comes packed in a white tube.

The cream to has a great texture to it, and a great plus point is that it has a great fragrance too.

Himalayan Foot Care Cream Review

Himalaya Foot Care Cream Packaging and Texture

Usually, foot creams don’t really smell good, but when I applied it for the first time, it had a flowery smell, which was not at all overpowering.

What’s great is that the packaging makes it totally travel-friendly, I happily tucked it into my travel kit. Add in the budget-friendly price and it is a perfect solution for your cracked feet.  For the kind of nourishment and hydration it gives, the price is dirt cheap.

Rs. 50 for 20 gram of product.

Read more or order one for yourself  – http://www.himalayastore.com/wellness/general/footcare-cream.htm

My special tip –

It works best if you dip your feet in lukewarm water for a while, towel dry and then apply the cream.

It’s the best repair formula for cracked heels and if you’re planning to buy a foot cream, then I would totally recommend this one.  Enriched with the goodness of honey, fenugreek seeds as well as turmeric, Himalayan foot care cream leaves your feet feeling soft in just a week.

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